Cara Steel Biography

Cara Steel is from Bedfordshire, England although she now lives in London. This amazing brunette beauty is a whopping 5 foot 10 inches tall and when she isn’t working as a chat host on one of those TV shows in the UK, she’s busy modeling. Of course that’s no surprise considering how beautiful and tall she is.

Her measurements are 32D-25-33. Although I should mention that her cup size of D is the US size. She’s a UK size E.  They measure things differently in England than they do in the United States.

One of the great things about Cara Steel is how amazing humble she is. If you ask her she won’t say that she is best known for her amazing good looks. Instead she says ….

“I think my claim to fame would have to be that I once got to kiss David Beckham on the cheek at a charity casino event. Wow he is a hotty.”


It’s like phone sex 900 lines that we have in the United States only in the UK you can actually see the girl on your TV and see her talking to you so there is never any doubt who it is you are on the phone with.